Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 MY memory

9/11 - man, cant really say that out loud without a sinking feeling in my chest, without tears coming to my eyes, and a lump in my throat.
I remember exactly what I was doing, when I first heard the very first plane had crashed into a building. I was getting the kids up and dressed, and I was talking on the phone to my girlfriend Angie. I turned on the news and saw the building with smoking coming out of it. I asked her what the heck was going on, as I stood there in my PJ's completly confused, unaware of what was to come. She turned the news on and we both were just standing there reading the words that come across the bottom of the screen for a clue as to what had happened. At this time, all we knew was a plane had crashed into the building. Then all of a sudden, right before our eyes, the second plane hit. We both screamed. We both yelled, WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING! We let each other go in a panic to call our husbands. A few mins later Chris is on the phone, and I am crying, and freaking out, trying to tell him what was going on, and he tells me that a plane had crashed into the pentagon. I was seriously panicking. Then the towers fell, and I started screaming again, and crying harder. Chris let me go, so he could come home. We spent the rest of the day, glued to the tv for updates on what was happening. I cried on and off most of the day, and I remeber being completly scared, numb, terrified, confused, mostly terrified.
I remember watching the news, and a Mom, Son, and Daughter were walking towards the towers with a picture of their dad, he was on the 90 - something floor. They were going to find him. I remember crying for this family, praying that they would find their dad. There were many stories like this on the news that day, but that one still sticks out in my mind. I dont know their names, but I can see them in my mind. I prayed and prayed that day, and that night, that the people in the building would somehow, someway be ok, I prayed that we were not under attack, I prayed that my brother would not be activated and be sent off to war.
That night, when Chris and I laid in bed, he held me in his arms and told me it would be ok, and that we were safe, but I think we both knew..... that it would never be ok.
That night, was the first time in my entire life that I literally cried myself to sleep.

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