Sunday, April 27, 2008


2yrs ago, this coming Nov 11th,
Chris, myself, Ashlyn and Brandon were in a serious car accident.
We were driving down the road going 45mph and a car pulled out and turned in front of us. We slammed into them as we had no time to stop, swerve or anything, and totalled the car.

I slammed my knee thru the dashboard and have permanant knee damage, I also bashed my head on the door which gave me a pretty good concussion, and the seat belt hurt my chest, and my shoulder. Because of the head injury, I was pretty out of it, I was conscious, but def. not with it. I was in the hospital for about 5 days and then when I came home, I was still pretty confused, and I couldnt walk, or lift my arm. I was in pain for a very long time.

Chris had seat belt injuries, and also slammed his knee against the underside of the steering wheel.
Brandon had seat belt injuries and bent in half from where the seat belt was and bashed his head on the center counsil, he had a pin point brain bleed and was kept overnight.
Ashlyn was pretty scared, but after checking her out, she was fine. Car seats are amazing!

Kathryn had been downtown with Grandma Carol and luckily was not in the accident. Carol stayed with Kathryn and Ashlyn once Ash was released and Chris stayed with me and Brandon.
It was the most painful and scary thing I have ever been thru.
Still to this day, when we pass that intersection, I get nervous. We slow down, look, and are really careful. Usually when passing this intersection I will remember what happened and talk about it to chris. I always remember feeling helpless and scared, and confused.
Today we came up to that intersection and there was a cop. We were coming from the side street so we couldnt see anything. Once we got closer we noticed the accident. There was a big Durango type SUV and a Jeep wrangler. The accident must have just happened because the guy in the wrangler was still sitting in his wrangler and looked in pain. The cop turned traffic away and the ambulances were coming up the road, and I got upset. I couldnt believe how quickly and how much I got upset seeing the accident. Everything came flooding back, and I just sat in my seat and cried, and cried. Brandon said, OMG mommy, they got hurt huh? Chris said yes. Kathryn said is that what happened in your accident, chris said yes. Brandon said... we need to pray for those guys right now! Chris turned off the radio and we all prayed for them. My heart was so full of pride for my children.
I hope those people are all ok.
Here are a few photo's of our car after the wreck.

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